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Hey, guys! That’s me, over there on the right, and I’m excited you found us! Knowing there are plenty of photographers who specialize in Senior portraits, I’m really honored that you want to find out more about Brooke Daniels Photography and what sets us apart! Although I enjoying shooting a wide range of portraits, high school seniors are my true passion and my forte! I like to consider myself still young and hip (my kids aren’t old enough to roll their eyes at that comment yet) and am really in touch with all the current styles and trends. Many moons ago, when I was a student in high school and college, I used to be a fashion model and spent time working in Atlanta, Chicago and NYC. Through that opportunity, I gained valuable insight in the world of editorial and commercial fashion and art. Although I much prefer being on this side of the camera now, I use that experience to help shape my vision of photography and allows me to truly make each student, not just look, but also feel like a real life supermodel or rockstar!

Our approach at BDP is fresh, modern, fashion forward, timeless and completely custom around your own individual style and personality. We can take the girl next door and make her look like she just stepped out of the cover of Teen Vogue. What makes sensational photographs, is when you feel comfortable behind the camera. We capture natural emotions and true laughter, and working with me is like working with a friend.

Let me take a moment to introduce myself, so you know a little more about the gal behind the camera. I’ve been passionate about photography since I was a little girl. In fact, in high school, I was editor of our yearbook and head photographer for my school. My professional photography career started in Atlanta in 2007 and we relocated to Stafford with my husband’s career in 2009. While in Georgia, I was honored to have my work featured on the cover of the Atlanta Kid’s Directory several times and was one of the highest rated portrait artists in the city. Over the years I've been blessed to work with some pretty cool celebrities and I love nothing more than to make every high school senior look and feel their absolute best!

I’m a mom to two beautiful bambinos- a five year old son who is a roller coaster enthusiast and a baby girl who is as sweet and juicy as they come! I graduated from Auburn University and am a HUGE football fanatic who loves traveling, bargain shopping, yoga, four wheeling, roller coasters, and skiing. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and I know in my heart He has given me this gift to share with others. I work closely with the Fairy Godmother Project, a a local nonprofit organization helping families who have been affected by pediatric cancer by donating portrait sessions.

I believe that art must remain timeless while still keeping up with the times, and I’m thrilled to bring a new style of portraiture to this area, where the focus is all about YOU! Because after all, you are kind of a big deal!

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